More related issues about deposit and withdraw

1. How to check transfer progress yourself on blockchain?

Take BTC transfer-out on Allcoin as an example. Open BTC block browser address:

Find BTC withdrawal txid on Allcoin and copy it.

Paste the copied txid into the red box in the figure and click on the magnifying glass to start the query.

2.What if I withdraw to a wrong address?

Once you click on [Confirm to Submit] of coin-withdrawal, it will automatically enter the coin-withdrawal sequence and cannot be suspended. If you withdraw to a wrong address, please seek the owner of the target address through the wrong address on the platform or other ways to negotiate and retrieve it. Due to the anonymity of the blockchain address, we cannot find the other party's address.

If you withdraw special coins to other platforms and forget to write Tag/MEMO/Remarks, please provide the TXID and currency information of your Allcoin’s coin-withdrawal records and contact the customer service stuff of that platform to retrieve.

3.What if I deposit coins to a wrong address?

In theory, once you deposit coin A into a non-A address, it will be lost. Please do remember!

Allcoin doesn’t provide coin recovery service as it takes a lot of technical manpower, time, and risk control costs.

However, if it is a large amount, Allcoin will consider providing help in the controllable cost range in order to recover the user's serious losses caused by operational errors. The user needs to send the details, BCEX account, coin type, correct address, wrong address, txid, quantity, and screenshot with deposit information to technicians will judge whether it meets the retrieval requirements accordingly. Please wait patiently for the reply.

If it is deposited to an address without Allcoin’s support, the technical personnel need to install or upgrade the wallet software, export and import of private keys, and rigorous audit of risk control personnel and other operations. The whole process takes one month or longer. Please wait patiently.

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