Comprehensive trading example (registration - deposit - trade - cash-out

Steps of using RMB to invest in digital currency and cash-out

Step 1: Register allcoin and verify with real name
Step 2: Buy CK.USD (1CK.USD≈1 US Dollar) or BTC with RMB on OTC789
Step 3: Transfer CK.USD or BTC from OTC789 to BCEX trading account through asset management (other platform’s digital currency also can be transferred to BCEX, such as transfer Huobi’s ETH to BCEX)
Step 4: Trading with other digital currencies at allcoin trading center
Step 5: Sell other digital currencies to get CK.USD or BTC
Step 6: Transfer CK.USD or BTC from allcoin trading account to OTC789       Step 7: Get RMB by selling CK.USD on OTC789

The specific transaction of coin to coin is as follows:

1>>查看充值教程 View deposit guide

2Buy ETH at [CK.USD Trading Market]
With CK.USD in the account, you can buy all the CK.USD trading pairs.

3.Then you can use ETH to buy the corresponding coin on the eth trading market, or you can transfer ETH from other platforms.


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