Description of trading interface

Order description

[Order Information] The trading price is freely determined by the platform user. Operation of selling is similar to buying. Below is a detailed description of buying.

The system takes [Buying Price] as a default of the lowest [Selling Price] of the current market [Order Information]. Because someone already has a sell order for this price, when we buy at this price, the system will automatically match the deal. The trading information is automatically displayed in the "last trade" in the lower left.

When your bid amount at a certain price is more than the market selling order amount, the system will match all the market selling order at the same price to you, and then automatically display your remaining buying orders on [buy (1)] at [order information]. Then, if someone places a selling order at your bid price, the system will automatically match it with your bid. You can revoke the pending order in [My Order] above at any time, and buy again at the price or give up.

When all your bids are filled, the order information [Buy (1)] will automatically disappear, and the [Buy (2)] order will automatically become [Buy (1)].

If your [buy (1)] order is not filled, and someone places a bid that is higher than your price and is not traded at the same time, his bid will automatically be displayed as [buy (1)], and making your [buy (1)] become [buy (2)].

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