1.Questions about registration

(1)Shoud I must fill in all the verification information clearly?
Yes, please make sure all the information you fill is accurate without error ,so that you can pass the account verification easily . In principle, once the information is filled, you cannot  modify it .
(2)Why am I asked to fill  the address information ?
According to the regulatory requirments , Allcoin user must be verified before carrying out other oprerations ,the certified information can not be modified ,so please fill your address information faithfully .

2.Questions about account

(1) Why does it always say a wrong password ? I put a correct password !
 Please check if there are some capital letters or numbers in your password, we suggest you change the keyboard's input method from your local language to English when you set the password .
(2) My account is frozen , please help me .
You can unfreeze your account by clicking "Proceed to unfreeze" on login page , you can also contact us to unfreeze the account via Help Center , but you are requested to provide us with your identity document picture and your handling identity document picture . When your account is recovered , please reset the password by clicking "Forgot password " .
(3)I forgot my password , how to retrieve it ?
Please go to Allcoin home page ,click "Forgot password ?" ,then choose phone or email to retrieve your password following instructions.
(4) I am trying to get SMS code ,but it doesn't get delivered on my phone.
We suggest you change another browser or go to another place to try once more, it is better to click “get SMS code button”at every 5 minutes and usually an SMS code will be sent smoothly when the page is in English . If you can not get the code still ,please send a request to us  from Help Center , we will check more for you .

3.Questions about verification

(1) What do you need about Identity Verification ?
To pass Identity Verification ,you are supposed to upload either your ID card including both sides or your passport .
(2)When will my account be verified ?
After users submit the verification document , we will verifiy users' informatioin within 1-2 days ,then a message about the result will be sent to your phone ,you can also check the verfication result from your account for more details .
(3)I failed the address verification , what should I do ?
To pass the address verification , you can upload document like official files ,utility bill (like gas ,water or electricity),bank issued document,valid contract about providing utility service and valid lease contract ,any type is OK,but please make sure the document must be issued during the last 3 month, except for the lease contract ,utility contract and official files , please also cofirm both the user's name and address are on the same document page.
(4)I failed the identity verification , what should I do ?
Usually the identity verification fails with such reasons: (1)the picture is not clear enough (2) the ID number is inconsistent with the number filled in  regestration form (3)The name on ID card is inconsistent with the name on regstration form (4) Only one side of the ID card picture is uploaded but not both sides (5)The document picture you uploaded is inconsistent with the type you choose for verification in regestration form(6)The date of issue time expired.    Please check the reason in your account directly and provide the consistent document .
(5)Why did not I pass the address verification ?
Usually the address verification fails with such reasons :(1)The address proof document is not clear enough (2)The address on the document is inconsistent with the address on registration form .(3)There is no name or a different name on the address proof document (4)  A same document is used for identity verification and  address verification . To check the exact verification failure reason ,please log in your account for more details .

4.Questions about deposit and withdraw

(1)I am going to deposit coins to Allcoin,is there anything need attention ?
For each coin ,there is an unique wallet address ,for example ,ETH wallet address is different with other coin wallet address , if you deposit ETH to another coin wallet like HSR ,even though the deposit is successful, you are unable to see coins neither in ETH wallet nor in HSR wallet address . So when you are going to deposit coins ,please do not forget to confirm the coin name and address once more.
(2)I transferred coins from another platform to Allcoin ,the withdrawal is successful ,but coins are not be credited into my account ,why ?
If you transfer coins from another platform or wallet to Allcoin,it will be credited into your account automatically .If the coin is not credited for a long time,please provide us with your login account number,the digital assets name and TXID, the final confirmed deposit amount and deposit address ,Memo and the screenshot including Memo(only for GXS),we will ask the Technical Department to handle it as soon as possible .
For the TXID,if you do not know which one it is ,you can get it by contacting the Customer Service of the platform where you transfer coins from.










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