How to deposit/withdraw digital currency as BTC/ETH?

Relationship between deposit and withdraw: If A transfer BTC to B, then the process of BTC transferred from the A account is called [withdraw], and the process of BTC transferred to B account is called [deposit].

Wallet address: it is similar to the shipping address. When A deposits BTC to B, the deposit address should be B's deposit address. The wallet address is very important. No address, less write, or wrong address will not be available. Please keep it in mind!

Tips: As long as it is the same type of coin, it can be transferred in multiple platforms/wallets for each other. For example, allcoin has BTC, and BTC on other platforms or wallets can be transferred to the BTC [deposit] address of the allcoin account. Please remember that only the same coin with the same LOGO can be transferred for each other, otherwise, if you transfer wrong coin, it will lost and can not be recovered!

For example, on allcoin, if A “withdraw” coins and B “deposit” coins, that is, A will transfer BTC to B. The specific is as follows:

1.Add withdraw address

B finds BTC [deposit] at [my asset] in the top right corner of his own allcoin account, and copy the wallet address to A;

A finds BTC [withdraw] at [my asset] in the top right corner of his allcoin account and click on [Add a new coin address] to enter the Add Address page, and pastes B's BTC [deposit] address there.

2.Select address to withdraw

Select B's withdrawal address and enter the quantity and trading password and [Confirm to withdraw].


3. After the network is confirmed, the coin will be automatically deposited to the account.

After the BTC network is confirmed (the actual arrival time is based on BTC network confirmation speed. It usually takes about 1 hour for now. BTC network confirmation is longer, and other coins may only take about 30 minutes), BTC will be automatically transferred to B account. B can check the deposit information at the BTC [deposit]. Similarly, A can check the transfer information at the BTC [withdraw].

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